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Advisory and Consulting Services

NYFAA provides objective, independent assistance for the acquisition and liquidation of single works of art, eclectic or carefully selected collections focused by period and genre, fine furnishings and general household contents.

Art Acquisition

As independent consultants who do not buy or sell, NYFAA’s Art Acquisition Advisory Service is highly sought after by corporate and private collectors wishing to start or expand their collection, obtain a non-biased opinion of a particular work or locate a desired object on the international art market.

Our team of knowledgeable experts assists clients with the purchase of fine and decorative art both privately and through international auction venues. With unparalleled knowledge of the complexities of the fluctuating art market and strong relationships with auction houses, private dealers, designers, and collectors in the United States and abroad, NYFAA will present you with several choices of extraordinary works of art that meet your aesthetic and financial goals.

Each advisory report includes:

  • Results of strategic global object searches
  • Certification of object authenticity, quality, condition, rarity and provenance
  • Art market performance analyses
  • Suggested bidding parameters and/or negotiated purchase terms