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Expert Appraisers and Consultants of the Fine and Decorative Arts Since 1980

New York Fine Art Appraisers in Palm Beach, FL

Our Palm Beach office was launched in 2013 to serve South Florida clients with the care and expertise required to appraise and advise on diverse collections of fine and decorative art.  Since the inception of Art Basel Miami Beach in 2002, offering an unrivaled selection of Modern and Contemporary Art, Florida has flourished as an important hot spot of the arts.  Located in West Palm Beach, our office is accessible to support the global collectors visiting the fair, as well as providing year-round appraisal and advisory services to local private collectors. 

Of particular concern in the region is correctly insuring works of art and furniture that may be at risk during hurricane season. Our team has a wide network of professional collection management resources to address the unique needs of our Florida clientele, including art insurance, transportation, storage and emergency evacuation specialists.

Regional Director Marie Wayland, ISA AM, provides on-site services in the Southeast region. Marie is an active member of the International Society of Appraisers, Florida chapter, since 1999, serving as President of the chapter from 2002-2004. She focuses on providing appraisals for insurance, donations, estates, and equitable distribution for matrimonial dissolution purposes, supported by all the resources of the partner office and company headquarters in Manhattan.