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Authentication FAQ

New York Fine Art Appraisers offers authentication facilitation services to private individuals, museums and institutions, art dealers and other collectors wishing to confirm the authenticity of their fine art, furniture, or jewelry.

Why should I authenticate my art? I’m sure it’s real.

The authentication of important works of art is becoming increasingly imperative, as market values reach record highs, scholarship continues to evolve and technology improvements enhance the ability of experts to confirm attributions and make information accessible.

The legal environment surrounding authentications is progressively fraught with risk. Many definitive experts and foundations are no longer offering authentication services, causing works of art long held in a family and thought to be authentic to be virtually unsaleable. It is vital that authenticity issues be addressed in a timely manner in order to preserve the value and liquidity of your art.

How is artwork authenticated?

As professional appraisers, we facilitate the authentication process on behalf of our clients. The process is unique for each artist and artwork, and may include:

  • On-site examination and high-quality images
  • Signature identification and initial attributions to artists or schools
  • Provenance and exhibition research
  • Confirmation of inclusion in catalogues raisonné and literature
  • Consultation with the artist’s current definitive expert (often a scholar, foundation or descendant) to request confirmation